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Creator of life experiences. Teacher of yoga. Forever a student.


My interest in personal development started in 2011 when I took my very first yoga class. My friend would call it "an invitation"—I would call it a dare. Class was, by all accounts, a total disaster. Despite being unable to balance on one foot or touch my toes, I discovered a sense of peace and inner stillness afterwards that I had no idea was possible.

I continued to pursue yoga first as a fitness regimen while gradually experiencing more of the invisible, deeply personal benefits of the practice. I earned my RYT-200 certification in 2015 and began teaching right away. Since then, I have facilitated hundreds of classes, a handful of transformational workshops (including 40 Days to Personal Revolution and several rounds of 200-hour yoga teacher training), and too many guided meditations to count.

I have been blessed to work with numerous teachers in various disciplines, from yoga and meditation to energetic healing and almost-indescribable forms of lightwork. After experiencing the profound impact they have made on my life, I felt called to share my offerings with the world. My goal is to bring my own form of lightness and healing to the lives of others (while continuing to learn about myself in the process).


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