Found in Space

When space is lost, I am lost.
Where space is not, I am not.

As I allow the spaces in my day
to fill and fill
and spill over with thinking and doing,
my room for being shrinks.

Without moments of nothingness, I disappear.

Comfortable routines, habits, patterns, and programs from the past
swoop in and take the wheel from me.
My body and brain control me.
The wholeness of me travels elsewhere.

In these moments of no-space,
my thoughts skip haphazardly.
I slip into a daydream, unaware.

One second, I’m in the past,
reflecting on that thing I said
three weeks ago.

The next, I’m in the future,
making plans and to-do lists
and rehearsing future conversations.

I drift into alternate realities,
making stories of things that never happened,
creating countless imagined scenarios.

There is no space here, and I am lost.

And the instant I see that I am lost,
I am found.

I see my addiction to urgency,
to the seeming importance
of thinking six steps ahead.

I see the belief that says, “there is no time to stop.”
And I see, too,
the stopping is where it starts.

Space is the pause,
the peak,
the breathless magic where newness manifests.

Space is where I show up to create,
where I can see and hear and feel
and experience the beauty right in front of me.

Before I take action, no matter how small,
I choose to create space.
I choose to pause and listen.

I commit to arrive, aware and awake.
I choose to create my next moment with purpose and intention.

I choose to show up here,
and completely.

When I slow down, I show up.
When I pause, I arrive.

Where there is space, I am found.

Aubrey Klein