Give Up Trying

The more I try, the heavier the weight of failure, and the deeper the upset when I fall short.

The more I try, the less I enjoy what is right in front of me.

The more I try, the less access I have to my creativity, my freedom, my intuition.

The more I try, the more I struggle.

Trying feels dense, like effort and “hard work.” Trying is pushing, pulling, fixing, forcing things together and expecting them to fit—And feeling disappointed when they do not.

I give up trying. I choose trusting instead.

When I trust, I feel a sense of freedom. I feel ease, as if there is infinite room for me to grow.

When I trust, I have the grace to fall, to learn, to get up, and to move forward with new awareness.

When I trust, I can feel the pieces effortlessly fall into place. I feel no rush, no lack, no frustration. I feel weightless.

Trust invites me to listen and flow seamlessly into whatever is next. Trust brings me bigger, more divine lessons. Trust brings me closer to my highest self.

I trust that I am in the perfect place, in the perfect moment, with absolute perfect timing.

I trust that every circumstance is perfect for me and my growth. If it shows up, it is meant for me.

I trust that no matter how big something feels, I am always bigger. Nothing is ever more than I can handle.

I trust that I am prepared exactly as I am.

I give up trying and trust that trust is the way.

Aubrey Klein