The In-Between

When I put my attention on the outcome of my actions, the actions lose their magic. The most meaningful things show up in the actions themselves. They show up in the in-between.

When I let go of my expectations and surrender to the flow, I gain an entire world of experience. Living between two points turns the simplest of tasks into the birth of deeper, richer experiences. Being in the in-between allows me to feel more joy.

Have you felt the rush of air across your skin as you step out of the shower? Have you observed and admired the texture of your favorite sweater while folding it? Have you appreciated the gifts of your morning commute: The way the sun reflects on the pavement, the feeling of the road beneath you, and the awesomeness of the structures around you? There is so much simple beauty waiting to be seen in the in-between.

When I live my life in the transitions, I can feel every nuance of my steps, witness every thought, feel every feeling. I come alive with curiosity, with playful and childlike wonder: “What will happen next?” I can dive more deeply and feel new things, or feel the same things in new ways.

Here, the force of life flows through me. My beingness shines outward as I move in the in-between. I ride the wave of living and being alive, and all the pressure falls away. I soften and let go of the need to be right, to do better, to achieve more. Everything is perfect here. Being is the achievement.

And when I finally arrive at my endpoint, that end has already transformed: The circumstances are new, the moment is new, and so am I. So instead of expecting, I am intending. I allow room for things to shift and fall into place as I move in the in-between.

This space between the points, the setting and resetting and flowing, is where life happens. It is where happiness resides. It is where awareness and growth occurs. It is where newness sits patiently, waiting to be discovered.

Life is so much deeper when I let go of the outcome and the end.

The outcome is now, in the in-between.

Aubrey Klein