About Forgiveness

Forgiveness is a form of trust. It requires you to let go of control, of safety, and of ego.

Forgiveness sounds like “giving up” or “giving in,” but it gives back to you instead: Forgiveness gives you space, it gives you energy, it gives you power to create something new in the opening it leaves behind.

Forgiveness takes faith and courage. It takes strength. What it does not take is willpower or effort of any kind. Forgiveness is an allowance. True forgiviness feels easy, effortless, and light. Forgiveness feels like freedom. 

Forgiveness is like a switch in your heart that, when flipped, allows love to flow through with ease. Forgiveness can connect you with yourself, with others, and with your source.

Forgiveness is more powerful than you think, because it doesn’t come from thinking at all.

Aubrey Klein