When It’s Already Over

This applies to nearly everything: Jobs, friendships, and relationships.

  1. You made a pros/cons list.
  2. Learning is not happening anymore.
  3. Setting future plans makes you feel uneasy.
  4. You walk around with a lump in your throat, a pit in your stomach, an ache in your heart, or an impending sense of doom.
  5. You often daydream about starting something new.
  6. It feels impossible to rest, relax, or be yourself.
  7. You secretly hope they will end it before you do.
  8. The last meaningful moment you had is fading from your memory.
  9. Routine, nostalgia, safety, or comfort is keeping you in.
  10. You have to convince yourself you are having fun.
  11. Communication is challenging, even when you have a lot to say.
  12. The little irritating things become big irritating things.
  13. You realize you are growing in different directions.
  14. The idea of being around them gives you anxiety.
  15. Every opportunity—even the not-so-good ones—sound appealing.
  16. You find yourself pulling away (and you pretend you’re not).
  17. You are already mourning the ending.
  18. You are running out of excuses for your flakiness, frustration, or sadness.
  19. You hope tomorrow will be the day it gets better.
  20. ...And you've been hoping this for awhile.
Aubrey Klein