Pure Intent

When you give a compliment:
Are you hoping they will like you more?
Are you trying to get noticed or play nice?
Are you expecting them to appreciate it? 

When you apologize:
Are you hoping they will let you off the hook?
Are you trying to keep the peace?
Are you expecting them to think you are charming and polite? 

When you do a favor:
Are you hoping for something in return?
Are you trying to hold power over them?
Are you expecting affirmation, recognition, or affection?

When you say “yes”:
Are you hoping it will appease them?
Are you trying to impress them?
Are you wanting to fit in?

When you do anything at all:
Do it because you mean it.
Do it because you expect nothing in return.
Do it because you feel called to.
Do it because you want to.
Do it because it makes your heart sing.
Do it with pure intent.

Aubrey Klein