True Power

The illusion of power asserts itself through anger and aggression. It thrives on fear, and it loves to keep others small. The illusion of power reacts. It yells, it screams, it stomps its feet and throws its fists in the air. It crosses its arms and calls you names. It fights you, it holds grudges, it punishes, and it destroys. The illusion of power manipulates. It dwells on the past. It bullies and patronizes, and it has to convince you it is powerful. The illusion of power needs others to believe it in order to survive.

True power has firm roots and flexible branches. It comes from a place of love. It knows when to share and when to listen. True power does not reveal itself with words, but with intentions and actions. True power has nothing to prove. It is calm. It is patient. It does not resist or need to be right. True power does not seek approval. It gives more than it takes. It is unafraid and unattached. It is conscious. It is helpful. It is present. It is open, honest, and connected. True power creates. It is raw, and it is real. True power is loudest in silence. True power speaks for itself.

Aubrey Klein