33 Unexpected Benefits of Yoga Practice

  1. An easier leg-shaving and toenail-painting experience.
  2. Better listening skills.
  3. The ability to know my left from my right.
  4. Calmness in tough situations, like rock climbing, traffic, and awkward conversations.
  5. Appreciation for small victories.
  6. An excuse to wear tights as pants.
  7. The ability to hold my breath longer while swimming.
  8. Comfort in silence, extreme heat, and tight spaces.
  9. Skills to safely catch myself mid-fall/mid-split without injury.
  10. Less fear, particularly when meeting new people and being upside-down.
  11. An appreciation for practice and patience. 
  12. A willingness to laugh, sigh, or cry when I need to.
  13. The desire for authentic human-to-human connection.
  14. Discipline to handle things in the moment.
  15. Real, genuine eye contact.
  16. A more active imagination.
  17. The ability to better balance work and play.
  18. Being okay with sweating profusely.
  19. A desire to eat for energy and nourishment.
  20. The ability to laugh at myself when things don’t go as planned.
  21. An appreciation for water and air.
  22. More honesty and openness about my feelings.
  23. The ability to take better care of myself.
  24. A very, very basic understanding of Sanskrit.
  25. Deeper, more rejuvenating sleep.
  26. The ability to show up to places on time.
  27. An affinity for function over form.
  28. Less judgement towards myself and others.
  29. The ability to fall asleep on a concrete floor in under 2 minutes.
  30. A willingness to try new things.
  31. Truly meaningful, life-enriching friendships and relationships.
  32. The ability to feel my heartbeat.
  33. A deep appreciation for my body, myself, and my life.
Aubrey Klein