Love Your Body

I love my feet. I love how they keep me balanced, and when they do not, I love how they remind me that balance is an important life skill. I love each of my toes individually for the stability they provide as I travel throughout the day.

I love my legs. I love how they move me. I love how they can take me from one place to another, and how they can move fast or slow. I love how they burn to remind me of my hard work, and how they stretch when I relax. I love the way my legs can dance.

I love my belly. I love how it gets sore when I laugh too hard, and how it expands when I have indulged in a wonderful meal. I love how the muscles in my belly can protect my back. I love how it feels to let it hang out sometimes.

I love my back. I love how it keeps me upright and tall. I love how it feels when it is healthy and able to lengthen and twist. I love my back when it is injured, because it reminds me to slow down, practice mindfulness, and take care of myself.

I love my arms and shoulders. I love how they can expand and contract to lift, pull, press, and embrace. I love the way my shoulders tighten to remind me to relax and stop taking things so seriously.

I love my hands and fingers. I love how dexterous they are, and how they allow me to grip, open, and create. I love how they can express a greeting or an introduction, and even an entire language. I love the depth of sensation they can feel, and how they give me the ability to write, draw, and make new things. 

I love my neck. I love the way it holds up my head and allows me to turn it in all directions, so I can see whatever is around me. I love the way it tenses up when I am concentrating too hard and how it reminds me to soften and let go.

I love my brain. I love how it sends signals to the rest of my body so I can move how and when I want to. I love the way my brain takes care of my other natural processes (sweating, blinking, digesting food), so I don’t even have to think about them.

I love my hair. I love how it gives me the opportunity to express myself. I love that it takes forever to dry sometimes, so I get to feel it and play with it in all its states, from drenched to bone-dry. I love its frizziness because it reminds me that not everything has to be perfect all the time.

I love my eyes. I love all the beauty they allow me to witness daily. I love the way my pupils dilate to filter light so I can see more clearly. I love how my eyelashes protect me from the elements. I love that, even though I wear corrective lenses, corrective lenses exist in the first place so I can still experience the gift of sight.

I love my nose. I love how my nose can perceive so much variety: It can identify spoiled milk, fresh fruit, and everything in between. I love how my nose sometimes gives me access to memories I had long forgotten about.

I love my ears. I love the way they listen and interpret everything from music, to voices, to nature, to the generic sounds of everyday life. I love how my ears are a tool to receive both information and entertainment.

I love my voice and vocal chords. I love the vibrations and the pitch and variety I can create with them. I love how I can speak loudly or softly, and how I can use it to communicate with others. I love my voice and the way it allows me to share, to laugh, to cry, and to speak new ideas into creation. 

I love my skin. I love how my skin can feel sensations all on its own, from a rush of air, to shifts in temperature, to my clothing, to the touch of another human being. I love how my skin stretches to accommodate my changing body. I love the way it can heal itself from scratches and bruises, often completely on its own.

I love my lungs. I love the way breath flows through me and gives me life. I love the sensation of drawing in fresh air and releasing the old. I love how breath expands my chest, and fills me with new space.

I love my heart. I love the way it pumps blood across my entire body to my vital organs so I can keep living and moving. I love the way it races and flutters when I feel excited or nervous, and the way it slows down when I am at rest. I love the way my heart feels.

I love my body. I love my body not for its aesthetics, or even the way it feels sometimes, but for its ability to carry me through life and all life’s experiences.

Aubrey Klein