Worry Is a Creative Force

Worry drains our energy and satisfies our ego. Worry may feel like it protects us from the worst possible result, or prepares us for something important. And it can make a task, a conversation, or a situation appear much, much bigger than it actually is.

Worry is a creative force because it builds a narrative. Worry can create an entire world of stories, filled to the brim with all the possible negative outcomes. With those stories come all the feelings, too—If you are thinking worried thoughts, your body feels it. You might sweat, feel nauseated, with a racing heart and sweaty palms. Worry prompts your body to respond as if all the worst-case scenarios are already happening.

Worry has the potential to cause even more pain and frustration than the thing you are worried about in the first place. It can cause you to forget important details, make mistakes, or completely ignore whatever is right in front of you. Worry takes out productivity, positivity, and possibility, and replaces it with a whole lot of counter-productive thoughts, sensations, and behaviors. In other words, worrying does not solve problems. It only creates them.

Presence is also a creative force. Where worry creates stories, presence creates space. When you are present, you can speak more effectively. You can see situations for what they really are and take action in a healthier, more responsible way. Presence creates peace of mind and spirit.

Presence creates access for you to receive new information and learn from it. When you are in the moment, you can open doors to a new solution, a higher perspective, an attitude of freedom and abundance.

Presence can help you see that you are a creative force, too.

Aubrey Klein