Unsolicited Advice

When we give advice to others, I know we mean well.

We have
   The best intentions
   The desire to heal
   A wish to make problems disappear
And we are not helping as much as we would like to believe.

You may have discovered the best
   Word of wisdom
   Pro tip
   Life hack
And perhaps it was best for you. Not them.

This advice fit perfectly with your
   Personal journey
But all our paths are different.

When you share, unprompted, you insert your
As if to say, “I’m not sure you can discover this on your own.” 

Sometimes, people just want to be
And your openness is all they really ask for.

What if we
   Ask questions
   Provide encouragement
   Lead by example
Instead of assuming we know best?

What if we give people
To make their own discoveries?

What if we let everyone
From their own experiences?

What if we commit to becoming better
And help everyone uncover the answers for themselves?

Aubrey Klein