Seeing The Light (And Letting It In)

“Let go and let God,” they said.

I did not understand this until today.

I always saw this phrase as an excuse to quit and hope for the best.

And now, I see it differently.

I see abundance show up when I let go of desperately wanting. 

I see meaningful moments appear when I stop holding so tightly. 

I see magic unfold when I unclench my fists, my jaw, and my need to be right. 

I see that as I release my desire to be viewed as valuable, my true value reveals itself.

I see how letting go of neediness allows everything I ever wanted—and more!—to come my way.

I see that preparation can do good, and my presence can do better. 

I see the power that comes from deep silence.

I see the healing that flows in from total surrender.

I see the benefit of letting go of old ways, old thoughts, old habits, old baggage, old limits I placed upon myself.

I see that the more I let go, the more space I have.

The more space I have, the more light I let in.

Aubrey Klein