How to Listen to Your Heart

Close your eyes and soften. Let your breath hold your focus. A moment is all you need to open up and receive.

Give yourself the gift of your undivided attention. Allow the outside world to fall away. Let your thoughts softly float out so you have space for feeling. Pause here and feel.

When stillness has cleaned you out, place your hands over your heart. Rest until a question reveals itself. Let the question arise from the heart.

Questions from the heart are simple. “Does this bring me true joy?” “Will this enrich my spirit?” “Does this serve my highest good?”

If thoughts interrupt, complicate, or take you out of feeling, send love to those thoughts and to yourself. Practice patience and begin again as many times as you need to. A heart question will open up with ease.

When the question arrives: Ask.

Let the answer be an experience. Feel the sensations light up your body, tingle on your skin, shake your bones. Allow the answer to move you in an emotional way. Feel the energy vibrate around you. Listen to the way your heart beats.

When the heart says “yes,” you will feel it.

Aubrey Klein